The First International Conference of 1999

The First International Jungian Sand Therapy Conference (was given of  IJSTA) was held in May, 1999. It was hosted by St. Petersburg State University (Russia). Invited to the conference were representatives of various IJSTA’s branches, delegates from  Ireland, Japan, Australia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Marina Alieva (Stukalova) and Galina Vasilevskaya gave assistance in interpreting the papers presented and in carrying discussions.

The opening salutation to the conference participants was given by Dr. June Atherton, the President of IJSTA. It was followed by addresses of Dr. Albert Krylov, dean of Psychology Faculty, and  Dr. Yuri Kovalev.

Presented at the conference were papers and also case studies by specialists from Japan (Sayaka Ishibashi), Russia (Galina Volchek), Estonia (Galina Vinokurova), Ireland (Orla Crowley). They were followed by extensive discussions and idea exchange. Some delegates visited therapists in their places of work.

Along with the fruitful scientific programme the conference organizers suggested an interesting programme for its participants, involving a visit to the Hermitage Museum, the Imperial Pavlovsk Palace, the Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and some others places of interest.

The First International Conferences of IJSTA made a decision to form the Russian Association for Sandplay Therapy (the IJSTA’s Russian branch) at the meeting of the experts certified in the field. IJSTA helped the recently formed organization in working out its basic norms.