Seminars and Master-Classes

St. Petersburg State University with an assistance of Russian Association for Sandplay Therapy holds regular seminars and master-classes headed by European specialists.

During  the some years several master-classes have been carried on within the framework of the sandplay therapy study programme by Dr. June Atherton, the head of the programme. Dr. J. Atherton is the founder and the head of the Institute of Sandplay Therapy (Ireland, Dublin). And she also is the President of the International Jungian Sandtherapy Association (IJSTA). Her master-classes deal with sandplay theory and its application, with the Jungian interpretation of dreams, and with the particularities of Jungian approach in psychotherapy. Group supervisions are involved in the master-classes too.

The master-classes concerned give a chance to get acquainted with some other workers in the field. Jean Casey O’Kelly (a counsellor and a group facilitator) gave a lecture on the peculiarities of the work with the families who had experience a sudden loss. Breda Elliott, psychosexual therapist and sandtherapist, working with child abuse, visited us during The International Sandtherapy Seminar.

Keeping in touch with foreign professionals, the Association holds repeatedly seminars headed by Orla Crowly, a European-registered psychotherapist and a Registered Jungian Analyst. In 1999 Orla Crowly took part in the First International Conference. In 2004 she was the International Seminar chairman. Her seminars dealt with analytic psychology of K.G.Jung and work with traumatic experience in the framework of Jungian analysis (together with Padraic Dolan). The seminars also involved a talk on the work with borderline personality and survivors of an adverse childhood experience.