Russian Association for Sandplay Therapy

The Russian Association for Sandplay Therapy (RAST) is a professional community of psychologists and psychotherapists who share the ideas of K.G. Jung and use sandplay therapy in their practice.
The Association was founded in 1998. RAST is a Russian Branch of the International Jungian Sandtherapy Association (IJSTA). The founder and the  President of IJSTA is Dr. June Atherton (Ireland, Dublin).

The Association organizes training seminars headed by Dr. J.Atherton, held at the Faculty of Psychology of Saint Petersburg State University. Similar seminars and supervisions are also held in some other Russian cities (Arkhangelsk, Vladivostok, Chelyabinsk, Khabarovsk).

Supervisions, discussions, colloquiums and reviews of films take place regularly at the meetings of the Association.

The IJSTA coordination  activities is exercised by the International Executive Committee. In 2004 the Committee settled in Russia and the Russian branch professionals become its members.